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TYPE K RELAY For AC or DC operation
K Series relay has multi-pole switching arrangement - SPDT, DPDT, and/or 3PDT. Relay is available in AC or DC operation at any voltage up to 277 VAC, 110VDC.

Termination is available in (1) solder lug terminals; (2) 3/16"(.187") quick-connect terminals; and (3) printed circuit terminals.

Relay is also available as a plug-in unit, 8 pin or 11 pin octal plug configuration, and encapsulated in a clear plastic case. (Type KE)

K Series relay is Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) recognized under the component listing.
TYPE KA RELAY For AC or DC operation
The KA RELAY is similar to the K Relay listed above. It meets Underwriters' Laboratories requirements for 10 amperes current carrying capacity.

The relay is smaller in size than the K Relay, and is used for lighter duty requirements.

The relay is available with solder lug terminals in the open style. The relay is also available as a plug-in unit with 8 pin and 11 pin configuration.
TYPE KU RELAY For AC or DC operation
Available in SPDT, DPDT, and 3PDT contact combination.

Standard terminals 3/16"(.187") tab quick connect or solder lug connection. Also available, �" (.250") quick connect terminals and P.C. terminations.

Contact capability up to 20 amperes @ 120 VAC.

Different dust covers available, allow for variable types of mounting.

This relay is recognized by the Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., and the Canadian Standards Association under the component program listing.
TYPE G RELAY For AC or DC operations
Type G Relay provides for a very wide range of contact combinations, any operating voltage up to 240 Volts AC and up to 110 Volts DC, and has multiple mounting arrangements.

Armature springs are embossed, thus fitting into the individual slots of the guide insulator for better operation and contact adjustment. Each and every spring is adjusted for specific contact pressure, and each relay is margined for correct operation.

The Type G Relay, upon request, can be manufactured to meet the UL and CSA general requirements of spacing, breakdown and creepage.
TYPE GP RELAY For AC or DC operations
The Type GP Relay is a Type G relay revised, incorporating printed circuit terminals, for PC board applications.

A mounting bracket is available for rigid and permanent mounting to the PC board. (One #6-32 machine screw fastens to bracket through the PC board).
TYPE G RELAY Snapswitch Relay
This unit is the same construction of the standard Type G Relay above, with the added feature of fast acting transfer of contacts with minimal contact bounce.
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